Herbs to Grow in Your Kitchen Garden

Top 10 Must-Have Herbs to Grow in Your Kitchen Garden

For people who love the taste of herbs in their food, it is almost mandatory to think about having a kitchen garden so that they can conveniently grow fresh and pure herbs in their own house. If you are looking for a kitchen garden which wows your friends when they visit you and amazes people when you tell them about it, then you should definitely grow the 10 herbs that we have enlisted below because your kitchen garden would seem quite lonely in their absence.  Continue reading

How to Grow Herbs at Home

How to Grow Herbs at Home

For centuries herbs have been revered for both culinary and medicinal value. They are known to cure colds, reduce insomnia, adding flavour and zest to food. Growing herb is relatively easy. This is because herbs thrive in most type of soil, require less fertiliser and are less prone to pest and diseases.

A herb is a plant with no woody stem and dies at the end of the growing season. They are categorised into annual and perennials. Annual herbs last for a year whereas perennials last for two seasons before drying out. Continue reading

Drying and Preserving Herbs

5 Tips on Drying and Preserving Herbs

This time of the year it is very easy to find amazing herbs which aren’t available throughout the year. So it has become significantly important for people who are crazy about herbs to learn a thing or two about drying and preserving them. Especially since herbs add such a great flavor to whatever you are cooking. There are people who grow herbs in their kitchen garden and also people who buy them at their local farmers’ markets. Either way, the 5 tips enlisted below on drying and preserving herbs will come handy if you want to be able to use herbs throughout the year. Continue reading